This is blog site of favreads India and intend to capture/share ideas, views, news and other write-up on the context of Indian Literature.

The idea of Favreads is to develop a social networking platform based upon a common interest – reading, mainly focused on Indian literature. Its objective is to become a one-stop site for all things pertaining to Indian literature like – information on books & authors, networking among readers, between authors and connecting readers and authors. Favreads aims to be largest site for readers and book recommendations for the Indian Literature.

The vastness of Indian literature is probably unmatched, and this is the starting point of the concept of favreads. Providing access and visibility to the multitude of work produced in the field of Indian Literature is the primary objective of favreads.
The objective is not only to make Indian literature accessible to all, but also to provide rich content and platform for information on Indian literature.